Where the soul can finally be free

There is something so powerful and ethereal about sitting next to the melodious, clear waters of a mountain stream. Being surrounded by an explosion of color as the sun sets behind desert canyon walls. Watching ocean waves test the resilience of rocky sea cliffs. Hearing the call of a distant animal pierce the thick blanket of quiet that covers the woods. Being somewhere at night where the dark sky and its stars are suddenly the brightest most brilliant thing around. Standing on top of a mountain peak in a rare moment of stillness, so close to the clouds, you could almost touch them.

These are the moments that speak to another side of our human selves - the side that looks beyond status and material things and wealth and judgment. The one we don't get to explore as often as we should.

The one that calls us home to the world our past selves fully knew.

For at least in nature, the soul can finally be free.